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How did RUBBLE start?

Well, I’ve always been passionate about music from a very young age. My parents loved to play their 78’s and 33rpm vinyls and I remember listening to my sister’s Beatles 45’s and EP’s with great excitement in the mid to late-60’s! Yes, I am that old!

Aged 10, I was fascinated by a certain glam rock icon Marc Bolan as he sang Metal Guru on TOTP and my first live rock concert was seeing T.Rex with my Mum and Dad in Manchester. All I remember was that after the support band all was fairly calm and quiet until the stage went dark and a figure strapped to a crucifix like flashing star elevated from horizontal to vertical and Marc Bolan began to strum the chords of 20th Century Boy on his Gibson Les Paul and the crowd went wild, screaming girls stampeded to the front where we had seats and we had to crawl under seats to get a better

view! It was hard to hear the music through the hysteria but I shall never forget the goosebumps that concert gave me!

From that day I vowed to learn to sing and play guitar and be on a stage at some point!

Fast forward to Spring 2012 and me aged 50 and experiencing a creative surge in writing original lyrics that reflected my own experiences and emotions. I advertised for interested musicians to start an originals on a website (Join My Band) and eventually put an audition session together with an Interested drummer and bassist…this led to a post-mortem discussion afterwards that basically fuelled the desire to put the original material on hold as (a) it had no tunes as yet and (b) no audience is going to be interested in such unfamiliar stuff until a following has been created over time.

So in the bar of The Broadleys, Hereford, John Brown (whose CV includes depping with the quirky punk band Splodgenessabounds famous for their 2 packets of Crisps and a Pint of Lager spoof single) and me formulated the idea of RUBBLE as a rock covers band. At the same time I was in contact with Steve Dodd who was on holiday during the audition but keen to do something.

I met with him during July 2012 and it became clear that we could put a band together. We eventually sourced a keen bass guitarist Mark Scott. At the very same time I realised that a work colleague (Keith Baldwin, who I just knew vaguely at the time) was a skilled and passionate guitarist and singer himself. So we eagerly welcomed him aboard to make what became 5-piece band. Rehearsals progressed and the set-list grew in preparation for a proposed launch gig in Summer 2013. In Spring 2013, JB had to relocate due to a new job and  but very soon we thankfully found a competent and experienced drummer, Rob Stanton, to replace him.

Why the name “Rubble” – well after multiple humorous and serious suggestions from band members we decided “5 Shades of Grey” just didn’t cut it so…..”Rubble”….a mix of rock….seemed to encapsulate who and what we were aiming for:

So on Saturday 13th July 2013 RUBBLE was born and launched after a gestation period of 9 months in selecting songs, mapping them and rehearsals.

Since then we have gigged in and at local pubs, restaurants, lorry trailers, racecourses, pub car parks, clubs, music festivals and back gardens!

We have also been blessed with great drummers when Taff Addey joined us after Rob Stanton left. But now, having come full circle, the prodigal son (John Ashley Brown) has returned following the devastating news that Taff’s work commitments took him too far afield to remain in the band.

The story continues . . . Watch this space.

Dave Hague